altooWe’ve discussed the trends before. School districts across the nation are serving healthier choices to their students. Freshness is a new buzzword. Alternative cooking methods are being implemented. And some schools are even growing and cooking their own foods. As fryers are being replaced, new equipment is needed to support efforts toward healthier cooking methods.
Combi Ovens from Alto-Shaam can provide unique and versatile cooking methods. They have the ability to keep up in high volume environments. They’re designed to maximize space. And yes, they’re the most advanced and innovative combi ovens available.

Alto-Shaam Combi Ovens: Advanced vs. Basic

If programmability, menu design, and one-touch cooking are what you want, the slightly more advanced CTP category of combi ovens will work best. But if basic models are what you need, Alto-Shaam provides the CTC models.
There’s a distinct difference between Alto-Shaam’s CTP-style combi ovens and their CTC units. Though both are the high-quality, top-of-the-line ovens you’d expect from Alto-Shaam, the CTC units have very basic controllers. This means ease-of-use for school district chefs who are still looking for the benefits of a combi oven without the need for advanced programmability. The CTC model packs a punch but does come with a few less bells and whistles.

Consider the following CTC Combi Oven units to utilize Alto-Shaam’s innovative technologies. Which unit best fits your kitchen?


CTP6-10 Combi Oven

(6 half size sheet pan capacity)
Perfect for smaller side items or specialty dishes, this countertop combination convection steamer oven is a workhorse in the kitchen. Stack two combi ovens together, or place it on a stand for versatility and quality without sacrificing space.





CTP10-10 Narrow Combi Oven

(10 half size sheet pan capacity)
With the same proven performance and versatility as the rest of Alto-Shaam’s models, this combination convection steamer is narrower, allowing for placement in kitchens where space is limited but production expectations are high.





CTC7-20 Combi Oven

(7 full size sheet pan capacity)
An industry standard and their most popular model, this unit has the power and capacity to keep up with even the busiest of kitchens. Known for its quality performance and proven reliability, this combination convection steamer is the chosen tool of chefs worldwide.




CTC10-20 Combi Oven

(10 full size sheet pan capacity)
The perfect production solution for busy institutional kitchens where demand and the expectation of quality and performance are high.






CTC20-10 Narrow Footprint Combi Oven

(20 half size sheet pan capacity)
Offering high capacity production in a narrow footprint, this combination convection steamer can be placed in even the narrowest of kitchens to be used in conjunction with Alto-Shaam’s integrated cook/chill system applications.





CTC20-20 Combi Oven

(20 full size sheet pan capacity)
A key part of Alto-Shaam’s fully integrated roll-in cart cook/chill and banqueting system, this combination convection steamer provides high-volume production with quick, consistent results.




Is your school district looking for versatile cooking equipment?

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