Maximizing Hospital Meal Quality with a Meal Delivery System

How hospitals deliver food is important. From the food delivery carts to the people who push them, patients pay attention to the details and have opinions about the perceived quality of their hospital meals.
According to a study from the National Institute of Health, patients rated the quality of their food significantly higher when a dietary employee versus a nursing employee delivered it. Likewise, in an article in Today’s Dietitian, Maura Keller recognized a trend toward technological innovations to streamline healthcare nutrition delivery processes and personalize meal selection.
“New technologies and innovative products can keep any industry fresh, and the hospital foodservice industry is no exception,” Keller said. “Medical facilities, both large and small, are embracing technological advancements in food preparation, distribution, and safety. By doing so, they are impacting the health and well-being of their most important customers: the patients.”
A critical element to this trend is a shift toward more individualist foodservice delivery models. This increases quality, freshness, and convenience within a healthcare nutrition program, and it is accomplished, mostly, in two ways: menu development and food delivery.

Innovative Solutions for Hospital Meal Delivery

claimguideThere are many manufacturers of meal delivery systems, but here’s an introduction to one in particular that specializes in meal delivery systems for healthcare and hospitals. For more than 30 years, À la Cart has delivered a comprehensive line of advanced tray line assembly systems, cook-chill pre-plated retherm systems, and meal delivery carts to help save healthcare foodservice operators significant time and money. Their equipment is designed around three principles:

* Food Safety
* Food Quality
* Patient Satisfaction



To learn more about À la Cart and how their innovation solutions can help increase quality while saving you time and money, please review the À la Cart Guide to Handling and Storage Equipment for Premium Healthcare Foodservice.