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Getting rid of uneaten food can be one of the most expensive activities in any kitchen. In fact, at 35 million tons per year, food takes up more landfill space than any other class of waste, and only five percent of these organic materials are actually reserved for reuse.


Even more important for property owners, inefficient disposal of waste can cost tens of thousands of dollars each year.

In a recent article ( published by BUILDINGS magazine, details of a University of Iowa study were revealed:


Case Study – Saving Money with a Food Pulper


The University of Iowa Hillcrest Marketplace, a residence hall dining center, serves an average of 24,000 meals per week. In addition to existing efforts to compost scraps and leftovers, a food pulper from MEIKO was purchased as part of an internal research grant to study sustainability.


Consider the resulting data:


–       Savings of $25,000/year in water savings

–       Reduction in waste by 66%

–       Net savings of $11,000/year, even after the increased hauling expense


Advantages of MEIKO Food Pulpers and How to Select One


With a food pulper from MEIKO, scraps are dewatered and ground into small particles leaving them much lighter than the alternative. This leads to significant savings over garbage disposals, which can often consume 10-15 gallons of fresh water per minute.


According to University of Iowa operations manager, Fred Kurt, who was sited in the article, it’s important to conduct a waste audit to gather the necessary data. Before deciding on the right food pulper, make sure it can handle the volume of food waste produced by your facility. This is the only way to accurately calculate your return on investment.


Time to Convert Your Kitchen?


The use of a waste pulping system in the above example represents the effective application of this equipment in a university student dining facility, but foodservice professionals operating in volume feeding locations such as healthcare, business and industry, and school district central kitchens can also utilize and benefit from the design and installation of this equipment.


The ideal time for dish room renovations is often the same time a food pulper is installed. The element of sustainability they provide go hand-in-hand with other energy efficient equipment, such as warewashing machines from MEIKO.


To learn more about the complete line of MEIKO dishwashing equipment and food pulpers, please contact your Apex rep today. We’re dedicated to the emerging sustainability movement, and we’d be happy to show you how food pulpers and warewashers from MEIKO can contribute.


MEIKO AZP 80 Food Pulper Spec Sheet