Convenience and Quality with Groen Foodservice Equipment

Today’s kitchens and cooking methods are constantly evolving to attract a new set of diners with more complex tastes and discerning palates. This requires equipment to keep up with changing demands.
Groen, a foodservice equipment manufacturer of more than 100 years, is dedicated to helping properties ranging from high-end hotels to schools to the Armed Forces create the best cuisine possible. Their designers, engineers, and manufacturers consider every aspect of foodservice equipment in today’s dynamic kitchen:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Functionality
  • Space Management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Ergonomics

The result of Groen’s comprehensive production process is an extensive line of commercial cooking equipment that simplifies and streamlines large volume food preparation. They continue to employ innovation and advancement while receiving numerous Best-In-Class Awards.

Introducing a Few of Groen’s Most Popular Units:


ssb_3g_tabletopSmartSteam 100 Boilerless Steamer

The SmartSteam 100 from Groen is the “smart” solution for high speed, production steaming. Featuring a boilerless steam generator inside the steamer compartment, it has the power to cook fast and to recover quickly every time the door is opened. Featuring automatic fill and drain, all operations are controlled through a microprocessor and a simple touch-button control. No boiler maintenance and easy access to all areas of the steamer elevate SmartSteam 100 to the top of its class. The Rapid food production retains the flavor, freshness, nutrients, and texture that make food appealing.





Steam Jacketed Kettles

No hot-spots. No constant stirring. And no large stock pots to wrestle on and off a range top. A Groen kettle cooks faster, is much easier to clean, and saves you time and money. The 2/3 jacket coverage of a Groen kettle provides the kitchen with a one-pot cooking vessel for preparing soups, sauces, stews and custards. An appliance that comes to temperature quickly, heats evenly and gently, and distributes the heat over the largest surface area so that food does not burn or scorch.






Eclipse™ Ergonomic Tilting Braising Pans

The Groen Eclipse Braising Pan is a multitasking, hard-working, high performance braising pan, combines the functions of a skillet and a kettle, and is so versatile it can retherm, grill, braise, hold, steam, boil, or cook just about anything you can dish up. When not cooking food, the braising pan can also be used as a water bath holding point for sauces, soups and other prepared items.





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