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Curate. does things a little different

Curate. is a foodservice industry manufacturers’ rep group specializing in commercial kitchens, restaurant and bar equipment, and tabletop supplies.

Working at three different levels, we provide high-end manufacturers with a team of sales and marketing professionals, commercial equipment dealers with expert knowledge and end-users with a consultative industry experience.

So What’s the Difference?

Curate. pairs sales professionals with a digital marketing strategy, systemized support, state-of-the-art test facilities, and a team of market specialists. 

Curate. operates in 16 states in the midwest with offices in Denver, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago.

Equipment Sales

Curate. represents high-end manufacturers to dealers and end-users with a consultative sales approach. We help those with specific needs or looking for direction on a macro-level, find the culinary solutions they are looking for. From the most seasoned commercial kitchen operators to those dreaming of success, get in touch with Curate and set up an appointment.

Equipment Sales
Apex Kitchens Training


The Curate. team offers more industry-seasoned equipment specialists than any other rep group. Through comprehensive application-based support and training, new purchasers readily navigate the procurement process, assure proper deployment and rapidly acheive operational efficiencies.

  • Corporate Chefs
  • Tabletop and Small Equipment Experts
  • Bar & Beverage Specialist
  • Beverage Equipment Specialist

Service & Support

Combining proprietary CRM software with the industries best inside sales support team and dedicated post-sale service coordinators, Curate. provides end-users with rapid responses to issues and manufacturers the feedback needed to stay best-in-class. 


Meet the Specialists

Curate. adds freshness, providing market specialists who listen to customers and
consult by leveraging their years of expertise, guiding capital purchasing decisions. 
A plan of attack is only as good as the team you have to support the mission.
At Curate, we have a best in class team to support whatever is thrown your way.


Bar + Beverage
Table Top
Dish Room


Curate. operates in five MAFSI Regions.

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Our Facilities


St. Louis

Kansas City



Curate’s vision is to provide manufacturing partners with quality, forward-thinking commercial kitchen equipment think-tanks. Our environments are more than test kitchens; they are places that generates curiosity and creativity — where end-users can touch, feel and experience all the industry has to offer.


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