A Guide to Undercounter, Glassware and Door Type Warewashing Solutions from MEIKO


logos-10MEIKO meets the demand for high-quality, reliable warewashing and commercial dishwashing equipment. All models are environmentally friendly and come in a variety of categories, from undercounter units to large, flight-type rackless conveyors. MEIKO is one of the most respected names in the industry and is committed to energy efficiency.

Here is a breakdown of the available models in MEIKO’s undercounter and door type lines of warewashers:


FV 40.2 Dishwasher & FV 40.2 G Glasswasher – MEIKO’s undercounter FV 40.2 and 40.2 G are packed with advanced features. They combine state-of-the-art, labor-saving technology with outstanding performance – all in a space-saving package and at a very attractive price.


CS 70 Kube™ – For the last 80 years, MEIKO has built their reputation on high-temp cleaning and disinfection appliances. They’re proud of their high-temp lineage, and they’re just as proud of the CS 70 Kube, MEIKO’s first-ever low-temp, chemical sanitizing dishmachine.


DV 80.2 Dishwasher™ – MEIKO’s DV 80.2 combines the fast loading/unloading and improved ventilation of a door-type warewasher with the advanced features of the Point 2 series for unparalleled speed and flexibility.


DV 120.2 Variotronic Warewasher™ – MEIKO’s DV 120.2 Variotronic™ door type machine transforms from a dishwasher to a pot-and-pan washer with the press of a single button. Its powerful 2 HP wash pump is regulated by MEIKO’s award-winning MIKE 2 control system, creating variable-frequency drive and wash pressures.


DV 120.2 T Tall Hood Variotronic Warewasher™ – MEIKO’s DV 120.2 T door type machine has an extra-tall 27″ interior clearance height to accommodate taller ware, such as sheet pans, with ease.


DV 200.2 Two-Rack Dishwasher™ – MEIKO’s door type DV 200.2 accommodates two standard 20×20 racks per cycle. This provides a machine that fits the operating capacity gap between a traditional door type unit and a small rack conveyor dishmachine.


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