How Can I Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiencies In My Commercial Kitchen




Find out how Apex’s newest line can deliver all three to your kitchen.


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Reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and maintaining quality are the three pillars of any foodservice establishment. We’re always looking for equipment that delivers these qualities, and with our newest line, we found it.


Whether it’s a bistro or banquet, CT PROformance Combi Ovens from Alto-Shaam decrease cook time, maximize labor efficiency, and increase the quality of every plate served. Each unit has:


  • • The power to keep up with capacity in busy kitchens
  • • The design to maximize space in crowded kitchens
  • • The versatility to be used in innovative kitchens


CT PROformance Combi Ovens are the most advanced and precise combi ovens in the industry. They are built on a long history of food service innovation to enhance quality, provide greater control, deliver reliability and consistency, allow for faster production, and reduce operating costs.


Alto-Shaam CT PROformance Combi Oven


If you’re not familiar with combi ovens from Alto-Shaam, or if you’re not familiar with combi ovens in general, consider these statistics:


– CT PROformace Combi Ovens from Alto-Shaam have the highest energy efficiency in class and are 20% faster than other combi ovens

– CT PROformance Combi Ovens are 80% faster than conventional ovens

– And if it’s energy efficiency you’re looking for, CT PROformance Combi Ovens are 40% more efficient than conventional ovens



Fire, Air, Water: Master the Elements with a CT PROformance Combi Oven


Combi ovens allow chefs to implement various techniques with a single piece of equipment. From integrated smoke features allowing for both hot and cold smoking to five different fan speeds controlling air speed for even the most delicate of dishes, CT PROformance Combi Ovens deliver.


Each unit has intuitive and easily viewable alerts and controls for use in a busy kitchen. Enjoy rapid temperature recovery with power boost options. Cleaning is easy and convenient. And most important, Alto-Shaam combi ovens are designed with safety in mind. Triple pane thermal glass keeps the heat inside the oven instead of outside the door.



Try out a CT PROformance Combi Oven Today


Stop by the Apex test kitchen to try out our newest combi oven from Alto-Shaam. Schedule a demo today, and find out how you can add speed, precision, and performance in your kitchen.