PART ONE: Beating the Bell with Warewashers from MEIKO


logos-10Most school cafeterias serve lunch three or four times a day. When the bell rings ending one lunch period, another one begins with a whole new set of hungry students using the same set of utensils and trays. For a school lunchroom to operate efficiently, these items must be constantly replenished. Warewashing machines and dishwashers from MEIKO are the ideal solution.


DV 120.2 Variotronic Warewasher™


MEIKO’s DV 120.2 Variotronic is a door type machine that can transform from a dishwasher to a pot-and-pan washer with the press of a button. They can also be easily converted from straight-through to corner applications in a matter of minutes. This versatility allows schools to utilize a single machine for dishwashing in virtually any type of kitchen configuration. The DV 120.2 also comes in an extra tall model with 27″ interior clearance to accommodate taller ware such as cookie sheet pans.


K-Series Rack Conveyors ™


K-Series Rack Conveyors from MEIKO are designed for reliability, speed, and efficiency – all of which are important qualities for any piece of equipment utilized in a school lunchroom. Easy-to-use and innovative features include a side-drive system for unobstructed wash and rinse on both the bottom of the rack and the top. This ensures consistent cleaning with each and every cycle.


There are a variety of K-Series models available from MEIKO to meet your specific needs, but each one features low water, energy, and chemical consumption. This means economic operation as well as a commitment to minimizing environmental impact. For school districts “going green”, the MEIKO K-Series rack conveyors are the logical solution.


Find out which K-Series rack conveyor is right for you.


We’re always looking for ways to make things easier in the school lunchroom. Find out which K-Series model is right for your specific needs, and contact us today to schedule a demo or to learn more about the K-Series or the DV 120.2.


Let us know if you’re having inefficiencies with warewashing, and we’ll find the right solution to speed things up.



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