Preserving Food Safety with Blast Chillers (Plus Other Benefits)


Cool It. Freeze It. Chill It. The Right Way.

Many food safety incidents in commercial kitchens happen because food spends too long in the “Danger Zone”. If cooling or cooked food spends more than two hours within a temperature range of 41ºF and 135ºF, it can be unsafe to consume.
Blast chilling is a method of cooling food quickly. It decreases the amount of time a food item spends in the Danger Zone, thus removing the threat of compromising bacteria. But blast chillers provide other benefits to foodservice operators, as well.

More Than Just HAACP Compliance

Yes, blast chillers are essential to moving food through the Danger Zone and ensuring safety, but consider these additional benefits:
– Save on food and labor costs
– Extend the shelf life of existing products
– Expand operations and provide additional products
– Ensure high quality and consistency

Blast Chillers: A Brief Introduction

Blast chillers come in a range of shapes and sizes. From under the counter units to custom walk-ins, they are great for large production operations looking to flash freeze any food product. Some of these properties include hotels, banquet halls, healthcare facilities, colleges and schools, commissary kitchens, and chain restaurants.
At Apex, we’re proud to represent both the Alto-Shaam and Randell lines of blast coolers.



Alto-Shaam Quickchillers make food production easier. When cooking all similar items at once, you can easily flash freeze them through the danger zone to save time.












Randell blast chillers make it easy to protect quality, flavor, and shelf life of batch-cooked foods, as well as record operational performance needed for safety documentation.










Looking for a Detailed Comparison?

Contact Apex to get a personal, detailed explanation on which line of blast chiller would best suit the demands of your foodservice operation. Give us your most important question, and we’ll get back to you with an answer.