APEX Launches New Website


We’re A Little Bit Different … And Here Is Why


Thanks for stopping by to visit our newly designed website.  Yes, we are a little different as you will soon see.  


Perhaps this is your first time viewing a single page website design.  When you visit our homepage, most of information you will want to access will be on that single page – from Our Manufacturers to Our Group.  We hope you find it simple and easy to access the information that’s most important to you.


Perhaps you are viewing our site on your mobile device?  Image that – you can actually read it without having to use your fingers to expand the page.   Our responsive website design allows you to view the information you want on whatever device you want.  Whether it’s your iPad, iPhone, Galaxy or your desktop, enjoy viewing our site where it’s convenient for you. 


Lastly, it is our goal to deliver the most current and accurate information about the foodservice industry and our Manufacturers.  That said, you will find valuable foodservice equipment content that is updated regularly throughout the site.  Be sure to visit our other blog/news posts


We welcome any and all feedback.  So please feel free to leave us a comment below.   Thank you.