For our team at Apex, NAFEM15 was one of the greatest shows in recent memory. The level of excitement and enthusiasm was off the charts. Of all the booths we visited, a few stand out for their innovative product offerings and their entertaining presentations. Perlick was one of those booths.
From items like the new wall-mount tower and the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station to the innovative ArcticPour technology, we were impressed by Perlick’s dedication to everything bar and bartender. Efficiency and increasing beverage program profitability are the names of the game. But as great as it was to see their equipment in the booth, there’s nothing like seeing where it’s needed inside an actual foodservice operation.

Let’s set the stage:

It was the conclusion of the show’s first day. We had just seen the new Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station with its ergonomic layout designed to increase efficiencies for bartenders and revenues for operators. We had also spent time talking about the benefits of ArcticPOUR technology. We were a bit tired, and being in the industry, we were certainly a bit thirsty. We went to the bar of a large international hotel chain for some drinks and snacks.

The First Time Perlick Was Needed

Someone in our group asked the bartender about the unique craft beers they had on tap. One in particular looked interesting. The bartender said it was done in a barleywine style, and she offered us a sample. She warned us, though.
“This beer should be served at a warmer temperature,” she said. “Unfortunately, many of the other handles need to be served colder, and we have no way to split the temperatures.”
What she didn’t know was we had just discussed beer temperature with someone at Perlick. ArcticPOUR technology allows bar operators to serve beers at different temperatures from the same tap system. This means craft beers can be served at their optimal temperatures, and since they often fetch higher prices, the operation can increase revenues.

The Second Time Perlick Was Needed

A few minutes later, one of us ordered an old fashioned. We watched the bartender pace across the length of the bar – twice – to gather the equipment and ingredients she needed to make the drink. One step bartending? No. This was more like a Spaghetti Western. Fifty paces and turn. Once she gathered everything she needed, our bartender stretched across the length of the ice bin to make the drink. She bent and she strained to prepare it. Hunched over, she looked like a novice skier. And all this happened while several customers were now also waiting.
What she didn’t know was what we had just seen – the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station. The “Bartender’s Cockpit” is made to increase comfort and efficiencies for bartenders, while at the same time increasing the profitability of a bar and beverage program for a major, international hotel chain. Just think about the opportunities created by shaving drink times in half.

Lessons Learned

We walked away from that experience even prouder to represent Perick and their innovative offerings. We actually went back to the Perlick booth the next day to re-watch Tobin’s presentation. If you missed it or if you weren’t at NAFEM, don’t worry. Get your personal tour of the “Cocktail Cockpit” today.
Meet Tobin Ellis and See the “Bartender’s Cockpit” in Action!