So why serve them that way?


Beer lovers, like beers, come in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer traditional, light American lagers while others would rather drink hop-bomb IPAs. Now more than ever, our collective palate for different beer styles and flavors is expanding and diversifying, and bar operators with the right equipment can take advantage of this growing trend.


A Dedication to Maximizing the Enjoyment of Draught Beer


To begin, let’s consider these two problems:


1) Cold beer isn’t cold enough. In today’s world of macro-beer brands aggressively marketing ultra-cold beers, the demand for 32-degree beer is on the rise.


2) Icy cold beer is too cold. The demand for craft beers is clearly growing, but many of these beers lose their flavor profiles when they’re served too cold.


Alone, neither one of these problems are really a problem at all. You can always choose one route or the other. The issue is when a bar is trying to diversify a tap list to satisfy more than one type of customer. And there is a solution.


Perlick ArcticPOUR - Apex Commercial Kitchen Co


ArcticPOUR Advanced Refrigeration Technology solves challenges bar operators have in trying to serve a variety of beers at the optimal serving temperature. It is the only beer system that lets operators remotely dispense two different beer temperatures at the tap, and it can accommodate up to three trunklines from one coolant deck.


A Dedication to Maximizing the Quality of Draught Beer

One of the biggest contributors to bad beer is temperature. From storage to dispensing, maintaining the proper temperature is critical for delivering a quality product. Consider these two problems:


1) It’s hard to control all factors that contribute to keg temperature. Both quality and quantity are adversely affected when kegs get too warm. Maintaining inventory, using high traffic walk-ins for storage, and even late deliveries can all have negative impacts on keg conditions before they are tapped.


2) Compressors contribute to ambient heat load. They can be difficult to access for servicing, which makes them costly to maintain and achieve optimum beer temperatures.


With ArcticPOUR Advanced Refrigeration Technology, the Glycol Bath Flash Chiller and the refrigeration deck are separated. This exclusive, split deck refrigeration technology allows each component to be placed in its optimal operating environment. The refrigeration deck can be located outside to remove up to 18,000 BTU/HR from the kitchen, and the Glycol Flash Chiller can be placed in an inside cooler, isolated from ambient heat load. This allows the chiller to cool beer six degrees below the actual keg temperature.


What’s the best part? 


ArcticPOUR is economical, costing half of what the leading competitor charges for Flash Chill Technology. Learn more by contacting your APEX rep today.