Tap Into One of the Newest Trends Behind the Bar


Wine Kegs and Perlick WINEcertified



When you think about a tap list, you usually think about suds and ciders. There’s a new trend in the industry, though, and bars positioned to take advantage will stand to make substantial revenue from a growing customer base. Studies show that consumers are demanding more options when it comes to wine, particularly in the wines-by-the-glass category.


Perlick Wine Certified



These customers are willing to pay for a single glass of high-end wine rather than order an entire bottle. This is an opportunity to increase not just wine sales, but wines by the glass, which come at a higher mark up.


Consider these facts:


  • One keg of wine can serve approximately 130 glasses (26 bottles) of wine at roughly half the cost of pouring from the bottle.
  • With no corks or screw caps, there’s no wine lost to spoilage, and the overall service becomes more efficient.
  • With on-tap wines, there’s no need to recycle bottles, which eliminates waste and saves money.


So how can you ensure every glass of wine on tap meets the standards of even your most educated wine drinkers? Commercial refrigerated wine dispensing units from Perlick are known for the perfect glass every time, from the first to the last. Their WINEcertified guarantee is designed to protect against inconsistent temperature, exposure to light, and oxidation. Because anything coming in contact with the wine can have negative effects on its characteristics, Perlick uses Sanitary 304 stainless steel components and flavor-lock tubing in every unit.


And for establishments wishing to keep tradition bottle service while including on-tap options, wine dispensing units with storage are available. Perlick is the industry’s most complete line of commercial refrigerated wine storage and serving equipment.


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